You Little Ripper!

Back in March of 2019, we made a very special phone call.  We called Logie-winning actor and philanthropist Samuel Johnson to tell him that his Love Your Sister villagers had won first and second prize in Play For Purpose. 
The win meant that Love Your Sister also received a bonus donation of $40,000  from Play For Purpose, on top of the almost $200,000 worth of tickets sold for the cause.
Sam was rehearsing for Dancing With The Stars (which he also went on to win) when he took the call, responding with his trademark enthusiasm.
“You little ripper!!!” was his first reaction. “Oh my God, this just warms the heart. So many of our supporters are in need and this is just the best feeling ever!”
“It has made my year that the top two prizes were won by our villagers!”
The winner was caring for her granddaughter when told the news that she had won $250,000.
“I love everything Sam does for his sister Connie,” she said. “He’s just a top bloke!”
Samuel Johnson had posted on his Facebook page the week before the draw encouraging his Love Your Sister “villagers” to buy a ticket and support his cause. The post generated over 12,000 likes within a few days resulting in a spike in ticket sales for the charity. 
Love Your Sister is a million-strong village of everyday Aussies committed to vanquishing all cancers with hard science.
You can listen to the call here:
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